Personal Details

R O A C H    (b. 1990, USA)

Roach is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in New York City. They utilize film, photography, and collage as a ritual of desire, pain, and trauma. Their work typically centers around and works to blur the lines between sexuality, gender, politics, fetishism, abuse, mental illness, and the stereotypes evoked by each. By using multiple layers of meaning, harsh imagery, and by confusing the distinction of past and present, Roach creates evocative artwork that is unsettling in its reliability to the consumer.

Group Exhibitions

Oct 2018 | "Worlds Within Shadows" | Garner Arts Center, New York
GASLIGHTING as a psychological weapon from a spiritual perspective | Framed Tryptich

Oct 2018 | Spread Zinefest | Groningen, Netherlands
Daddy #1, Babygirl #1, Babygirl #2, and Sad Girl Zines | Various Length, Hand-bound Zines

Aug 2018 | 13th Edition B-Movie, Underground, & Trash Film Festival | Breda, Netherlands
Daddy #1, Babygirl #1, Babygirl #2, and Sad Girl Zines | Various Length, Hand-bound Zines

May 2017 | “Am I Write, Ladies?: Autobiography” | The Footlight, New York
Babygirl Zine #1 | 26 Page Hand-bound Zine

Mar 2017 | “Zinister Zine Fair” BAAD! | Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, New York
Babygirl Zine #1 | 26 Page Hand-bound Zine

Dec 2016 | “Crimson Hand Comic Arts Festival” | Catland Books, New York
Daddy Zine #1 | 10 Page Hand-bound Zine

Sep 2016 | “Lady Art Nation Zine Fair” | New Women Space, New York
Daddy Zine #1 | 10 Page Hand-bound Zine


Lady Art Nation Zine Library | New York City, NY

Thousands of Dead Gods, Brooklyn | NY

Material World Records, Brooklyn | NY

Catland Books | Brooklyn, NY


Disciplining Eugenie by Gamiani, Cassette released by Geräuschmanufaktur
October 2018 | Outer Cassette J-Card | Self Portrait

Resentment and Wothlessness by Swollen Organs, C30 released by Phage Tapes
September 2017 | Inner/Outer Cassette J-Card | Digital Collage

Swollen Organs, East Coast Tour Shirt
March 2018 | Front Shirt Design | Digital Collage

Publications as Author

Blemish Zine
January 2019 | 3 ¼” X 6" | 40 pages | Hand-bound

Sad Girl Zine
April 2018 | 5 ¼” X 7” | 24 pages | Hand-bound

Babygirl Zine #2
October 2017 | 5 ¼” X 7” | 26 pages | Hand-bound

Babygirl Zine #1
January 2017 | 5 ¼” X 7” | 20 pages | Hand-bound

Daddy Zine #1
August 2016 | 5 ¼” X 7” | 10 pages | Hand-bound


Perjus Magazine, Issue 3
January 2017 | Standard 8.25″ x 10.75″ | 110 pages | Perfect-bound
ISSN 2471-8432 (Print) | ISSN 2471-8459 (Online)

Perjus Magazine, Issue 1
June 2015 | Standard 8.25″ x 10.75″ | 208 pages | Perfect-bound
ISSN 2471-8432 (Print) | ISSN 2471-8459 (Online)


Blemish Zine (2019)

"I highly recommend them to anyone into more transgressive art. It reads like Peter Sotos’ “Pure” with a feminist twist."

"Between anguish and pornography ... Blurring sexuality and morality. Startling imagery and brutal literature, not all must reads are easy ones"

Babygirl Zine #2 (2018)

"Really intense. The juxtaposition of the images/writing have a definitive effect and left me kind of sitting there for ten minutes just staring. I think the work you are doing is important in light of our culture's dysfunctions and the way people have been and are treated. Really poignant power message that resonates with the reader."

Babygirl Zine #1 (2017)

"Despite years of Sotos, Cooper, etc and generally being desensitized, reading Babygirl was very difficult because it felt like it hit close to home even though I don't think we've even formally met. I hope you keep writing and making zines, and thank you for putting that out there.”

"The writing is challenging and difficult. Not in the wording but the subject matter and emotions/thoughts invoked. I ended up reading each piece multiple times before turning a page. I'll say that I greatly appreciate the words within rather than just saying that I "enjoyed" them on some base level. "Enjoy" feels cheap. I really, really like the design and layout. The confrontation of the collage work with the non-subtle imagery is right up my alley. I'm stoked to have these publications on my shelves.”

"Hearts and cunts with a copious cumshot of violence, lovely little zine from the blonde paper terrorist Roach."

"Blurs the line between sexual trauma and predilection.”

"Somewhere between anguish and pornography. Way beyond masochism, [Babygirl] is pure emotional self-harm."

Daddy Zine #1 (2016)

"A visceral zine explicitly exploring and blurring the lines between sexuality & morals, mental health & normalcy, kink & lifestyle, love, fantasy, relationships (romantic, familial, & platonic), consensual and non-consensual abuse, perceived gender roles & role play through short writings, photography, and collage."

"Design and the whole layout and production is gorgeous. I also got way too hard reading so that's a bonus.”